The virtue of the strong

Holy Wednesday

During the last couple of days we have been reading the book of the prophet Isaiah, particularly the so called “canticles of the suffering servant of God”. The Tradition of the Church has seen in this man a figure, an image an announcement of the passion of our Lord.

Yesterday we read about his mission, the salvation of all people, today we see some characteristics of his personality, firstly we see his docility to the Word of the Lord, we would say the obedience of Jesus to his Almighty Father, we have listened that this servant has an opened ear to the voice of the Lord, and that’s in fact what obedience means, the word literally comes from Latin “ob audire” which means hearing well we would say to listen. And the purpose of this was to give hope to those who are down by communicating the Good News of salvation, in Jesus God says to us that he is not indifferent to our lives, he cares, and sent his only begotten son for our salvation.

And Jesus went through a lot to save us, he patiently suffered false accusations, persecutions fisical sufferings to the point that he offered his life for us. In his passion he reveled his fortitude through his meekness, he who is really strong doesn’t waste energy in doing something irrational nor is afraid to stand firmly for what he pursues, no wonder why it is said that meekness is the virtue of those who are strong.

And the strength of Jesus came from his knowledge and experience of the Love of his Father, even when he knew that one of his closest friends was going to betray him.

During this holy week we contemplate our Lord’s passion, but we have to remember that as disciples of Jesus we are called to follow him, and that means we have to imitate him,

Let’s pray to the Lord that he may grant us his grace to do so for he told us “Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and you shall find rest for your souls”

*Note: the image is a painting of Matthias Stom